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the ask

  • Integrate a pet food line into Carhartt’s line of products.

the opportunity

  • What counts as "hard work" has changed. You no longer have to lay railroad pull 12 hour shifts at the factory to be considered a hard worker.

  • Carhartt's Work In Progress line speaks directly to that sentiment by "modifying Carhartt's core product characteristics for a different audience of consumers who value refined design and quality while still remaining true to Carhartt's brand origins."

the solution

  • Carhartt has established their reputation as the brand for those with an uncommon, courageous work ethic and we extended that brand and trust to their tenacious furry friends.

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brand truth

  • Carhartt has always been there for the hard worker. Whether helping to supply soldiers on the warfront with uniforms and supplies in WW1 & WW2 or making sure their workers were taken care of during the stock market collapse of ‘29, Carhartt outworks their competition to make sure that workers everywhere have access to high quality clothing that helps them push the limits, no matter what they do.

new brand truth

  • The meaning of hard work has shifted. Carhartt is no longer just for the railroad workers, the farm owners, the no-nonsense get-to-work blue collar backbone of America. Carhartt is for the makers, the innovators, the creators; the new generation of people who push the boundaries of what they do to the limit, no matter what they do.

from blue collar to new collar (to dog collar)

  • New collar doesn't mean new values. You work just as hard, just as long, and are just as tough as anyone who has ever donned the Carhartt uniform. Carhartt is for the makers, creators, and innovators - they're artists, creatives, and believers.


what we created

  • A line of premium products that are marketed with special benefits, formulas, and ingredients.

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Copy of Carhartt Canine (2).png

the team
Molly Barnett | Creative Brand Manager
James Glass | Creative Brand Manager

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