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the task

Recommend one of Crest’s sub-brands for the first stage of a brand-wide packaging redesign. 

the solution

Reduce analysis paralysis in the oral care aisle by making packaging easier to identify.

the research

- There is high brand loyalty among oral care products
​- Too many choices stress out consumers
- The oral care aisle is cluttered and confusing, at best
- People buy products based on use cases


the real challenge

How do we help people who are already buying Crest navigate the category?

the solution (cont.)

Make it easier to buy what you need.

so what did we do?


Improve the functionality of the mouthwash bottle


Increase the blue

Color code the sub-brands

crest imagery.png
crest imagery (1).png

Codify each products’ benefits


the team
Vivien Zhu | Creative Brand Manager
Kaz Bani | Creative Brand Manager

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