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As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, King Arthur Flour Company rebranded itself to King Arthur Baking Company – a more inclusive name that capitalized on the uptick in baking and cooking that began at the beginning of the lockdown and shelter-in-place orders.

Our team was tasked with launching King Arthur’s new brand internally at their headquarters. We were to provide a POV with a few thought starters on what we thought would be the best means, message, and method to execute a successful internal rebranding campaign.


As Americans were forced to stay in their homes, they turned to activities like knitting, walking, and baking as cures for their unprecedented boredom. And they went all in, as King Arthur had “riotous success” throughout the COVID-19 pandemic – with their biggest problems being packaging shortages and an overwhelmed baking hotline as their products went flying off the shelves.

But our task was to communicate King Arthur’s rebrand internally. So we looked inward for our target audience: the people that create and maintain this company.

We started by thinking about what their employees felt during the lockdowns and came across a common theme: stress. Stress about product shortages and customer service as well as stress about life in general. How best can we alleviate that stress within an internal rebrand?



To create buy-in with something like an internal rebrand, employees need to feel involved and appreciated. A company with a bad culture won’t be able to get its employees to buy-into anything if their structure is one that doesn’t treat people as they deserve to be treated.

King Arthur has been around for over 230 years, and its adaptability has allowed it to weather decades of change and, more recently, a global pandemic. The latest brand update echoes the camaraderie we already know exists within the King Arthur community.


The theme is gratitude. Gratitude for sticking around and working hard during – and we’ve heard this phrase a million times – these unprecedented times.

And how do we show gratitude? Not through gimmicky corporate nonsense, that’s for sure. Employees want to be involved, so we created internal brand ambassadors and an internal rebrand hotline that employees could utilize to answer any questions and concerns they have with the rebrand. We also created an employee-owned and contributed newsletter that will live on well after the rebrand is finished. A microsite would be created to keep employees informed on company happenings and new initiatives.

While all of the aforementioned solutions are good in theory, people are smart enough to see through corporate acts that don’t carry any real weight. That’s why our team recommends giving each employee a sizable bonus check. There is no better way to show gratitude than with something real and tangible.

King Arthur wouldn’t exist without its people – that’s what makes a successful internal rebrand so important.

my team

Vivien Zhu | Creative Brand Manager
Kaz Bani | Creative Brand Manager

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